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Why do we exist?

I’m excited to say thank you to Gabby Alvarez-Pollack our REC Innovation Lab coach! She helps us as individuals and as an organization. Why do we as individuals or companies exist? What is our purpose? We spend a quarter of our lives working! Growth, Strategy, and Learning are the top 3 pillars of our lives. Sustainable development goals meet the needs of many. When compared to the 18 global goals for the world it is important to spend time with your family and loved ones. That is a fact! Then after that, support those in need. All Source Events LLC is not out here just to make a profit. We bring a sense of urgency and meet the needs of those who exist to make others lives better. What we do in business also brings our team a sense of purpose!

Some of my favorite teams who also mean well are Sports Recruiting 365, The Commons XR, Bridge Networking, VirtuRoad, & Off Grid Technologies, Inc.


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