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  • Billie Guinto

Who owns the company

Thanks to Shaun Spalding and REC Innovation Lab Innovation Lab for coaching All Source Events LLC team! As entrepreneurs we may not think of certain compensation structures that a lawyer might think of, but nevertheless, you can come up with a lot of stuff that can be useful right now. The biggest arguments come from who gets paid and when. If your company doesn't have much value, because that person can take that product and take their copyrights and their trademarks, and walk away with it, the company would have little value in some cases. Ownership is at two different levels. It's at the actual level of the business, and then at the level of the intellectual property. Then there is control, which is a very independent concept. A nightmare scenario just in time for Halloween would be... You’re working with another person. Let's say that you all decided that one person wants a deal because they have an entrepreneur who is in an incubator program, it seems like it's relatively successful for some people. And so, you think that this is great! But your other business partner says, Oh, no, I'd rather not put our time and energy into that, I'd like to put my time and energy into pursuing this other route. Hurt feelings may dissolve the company!


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