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  • Billie Guinto

The beauty of Conflict

Thank you, Gwen Franco and Gaby Alvarez-Pollack, MBA, CPTD, CPC, CMC for being fantastic facilitators and continuing with these consultation workshops at REC Innovation Lab with Director Tanya Hertz and the All Source Events LLC team. ASE is all about understanding emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills. There's always options and many different ways to manage conflict or self-conflict that work pretty well! The emotions within us are where conflict begins. It's our own experiences that trigger what happens in our minds. Conflict comes from two colliding forces. Highly innovative companies don't necessarily call it conflict, but they generate something that's called creative tension. It is the idea that experiencing tension and being in an uncomfortable zone brings out the beauty of more creativity! When forces collide, there's action, so conflict can be a good thing!!

Great to be back with fellow San Diego entrepreneurs:

The Commons XR, Till Roman Hartwig, Cloud Club Collective, Bridge Networking, VirtuRoad, Off Grid Technologies, Inc. VerusAid, , VIBESUIT, Conversayer, Stitch and Styles Vintage, TherACT

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