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So many memorable points! A great many thanks to Mike Panesis for your insight on how important it is to understand that there are business models going on in an ecosystem. Also, Director Tanya Hertz at REC for helping All Source Events LLC to understand how big the opportunity is for financial potential. It also helps ASE refine the business model canvas as we start forming a valid hypothesis about all our value propositions in all our customer segments. Our addressable market size and business model canvas ensures we think twice about the size, scope, and volume of our market as well as the right combination of value and customer consumption. TAM (Total Addressable market) is something that you can usually find online to set the stage. SAM (Served Addressable Market) is really an estimate about the entire population of your customer segments and your immediate revenue. SOM (Share of Market) this is not a volume estimate. It is your slice of the pie, meaning what percentage of the market can I achieve for my start-up. These are measurement terms that have, for the most part, become industry standards that are often confusing.

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