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Storyboarding isn't just for Hollywood

Thank you for always stepping in Vivek Chhabra at REC Innovation Lab to educate All Source Events LLC team about the key importance of storyboarding and approaching it as an art. You can’t omit this step, else you'll have broad implications and work harder at aligning within the team, partners, and other very critical parts that conceptualize it to the world. You want to make sure before all the people get involved in painting the company with you and building a product with you that they are all on the same page, because if they're not, in the end, you have chaos, and you must iterate a lot of time. You don’t want bits and pieces to send you back to the drawing board. Put it into any kind of convincing board to be sure that the idea comes across to somebody else who is going to implement it with you. You must build the consensus across the board at an early stage of the process. Also, if you look at from a pure status perspective, it's about validating your startup idea. 90%, if not hundred percent of startups starts with an idea with a thought process in their mind, how to conceptualize productize an alpha. Every startup should go through to make sure that they are not burning money and time and are very articulate in what will work when their product launches.

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