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Start-up Funds

Thank you, Alex Triener, for sharing with All Source Events LLC team eight different funding options. Having raised $2 million in funding from different sources for your startups. There is donation, reward, and equity-based crowdfunding. Angel investor business loans, and venture capital. The first few steps start with a donation crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe in order to develop a demonstratable prototype. People will find out about your mission and personality, so they don't really care if you have anything in return. Once you've raised a little bit of capital, you can combine it with other funds to work and prepare a real prototype to launch a reward crowdfunding campaign, while going after applicable grants. Once you’ve had a successful crowdfunding reward campaign, you may grow and continue the development while you recruit your team! Finally, you can start pitching to individual angel investors, or launch an equity crowdfunding campaign. Most interesting to us is that GoFundMe, founded in San Diego is the world's number one crowdfunding platform. They have helped people raise more than $10 billion.

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