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Soft Skills

Much Thanks to Taryell Simmons as All Source Events LLC team sees the value in good advice. Many thanks to REC Innovation Lab for bringing light on workforce partnership and development. What is going on in the current economy of San Diego matters because people are getting more education, yet there’s a lack of skills. You said it best when you said, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” People hired into companies are missing soft skills like communication, organization, critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. These skill sets are needed but they don’t necessarily come from a degree. As we set out on our entrepreneurial journey, we develop them along the way and in turn that is what will springboard us to be successful. When looking at different keys of success we are picking up skills from different interactions. The importance of time management, reducing stress, and gaining time by reducing avoidance, promoting review, and eliminating cramming helps us to stay motivated and avoid procrastination. Setting up an effective time management plan will help us uphold personal commitments to ourselves. The ability to be more flexible, have better health, and have a great time comes with better tools. #innovateeventmanagement#sandiegoeventindustry#revolutionizeevents

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