• Billie Guinto

Self Awareness

Thank you, Gwen Franco and REC Innovation Lab for assisting All Source Events LLC team realize that pausing and thinking through emotions helps us work through feelings as a practice, which in turn allows others to help us at the same time. Emotional intelligence is needed for us to become better versions of ourselves! Understanding other people’s emotions effectively is work. It’s being of service to others to acknowledge humanity. How we show our understanding without sounding condescending starts the process of identifying that there's an emotion. When you identify an emotion, you're then referencing from their world so that is the extra part that heightens the level of apathy, because it’s directly from their frame of reference. When it comes to giving feedback, your own behavior should align up to a level of respect that comes as an exchange of ideas. How we master the pause when we are in the middle of an argument is to have a higher emotional intelligence. Ask for help with patience and let others know you’re working on improving your reaction to arguments when your feeling upset, or frustrated. The objective is to work collaboratively. Ideas must come together based on the responses given and what the result would be. #sandiegoeventindustry#innovateeventmanagement

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