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Save in times of Prosperity

My attitude is gratitude for Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, CFP®Thank you for sharing your story with All Source Events LLC team at REC Innovation Lab I can relate to your experience in that there is opportunity in starting a business. Don't let dollars get in the way of gaining experience through practice. You gained Windows as one of your big clients, as well as NFL athletes. 90% of people are overwhelmed when it comes to money, that’s why we need assistance to come up with a plan and meet objectives. The solutions and options you give brings peace to the people. Just being able to be there and be a partner with people to help them achieve their financial and long-term goals is priceless. During years of prosperity what you want to do is you want to save! As a former member of the NFL you understand all about times where we're going to have years of prosperity, where there’s going to be growth, but what you do during the time of your prosperity is going to determine what your future looks like. How we handle ourselves during times of prosperity allows us to be able to weather future storms. If you have a plan for your life you will be confident about your future and feel the freedom to enjoy the money and still have time for giving back and volunteering your time. #allsourceevents

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