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San Diego History

Great to see so many people show up to the workshop today, Karen Flagg, Rohan Tandon, & Carla Willmore as REC Innovation Lab at SDMC grows. A BIG Thank You to Tanya Hertz & Tracy Reed who are giving back. San Diego is a BIG small City. 98k businesses are registered here. 93% are small businesses. 37% are called “Home Occupation.” Tracy makes suggestions to drop the word "Tax" Business Certificate to Business Certificate. I second that! Also, interesting how registering your business is a two-step process that goes back to grandfather rights. You must be published in a recognized journal and then send it back to the County of San Diego to protect your business name. Another fun fact, I finally understand why the most popular and spacious restaurant breweries popped up in industrial areas with 2000-3,000 sq feet of food, beverages, and fun! #sandiegoeventhistory #startup #eventindustry #eventmanagement

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