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All Source Events LLC A.K.A BRAG a fictitious XTDZ Co. for the sake of the two week challenge, would like to extend our profound thanks to Eugene Narciso for your time with us in this real world “role play” scenario directed by Julius Alejandro, M.S. Alajandro. Also, the uncountable resources REC Innovation Lab provides under the direction of Tanya Hertz. ASE has been reminded that at the end of the day, investors are invested in a team not a company. Leadership, and team confidence is important when it comes to making it happen! After hearing dozens of pitches everyday investors flat out, end up with ADD! That’s why it is imperative that we have laser focus on how we are unique and at the same time emphasize that we are not selling were buying. We want them to know that if they don’t invest in our team, they're missing out on something great! All Source Events LLC team is solving the biggest problem in the event industry. Due to Covid this is the best time to work on this problem and we are the team that will make it happen!



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