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Real World vs. Book Knowledge

Real talk! Real world vs. Book Knowledge… My deepest gratitude to Julius Alejandro for creating & conducting Start-up Quest, and Director Tanya Hertz at REC for your time and effort in this two-week immersive virtual simulation. In this role-play experiment team BRAG had to navigate through some tough deadlines, complex negotiations, and lengthy and detailed business strategies. The challenges were eye opening when in ten days, BRAG team of five binational student founders built up an alternative reality fictional company. We were able to create and develop an extensive, true marketing plan, pitch deck, and investment valuation while having to react to simulated crises. I have grown to respect and care for my team! Jessica Estevez, Sofia Bartolome, Ray Freiwirth, and Valeria Rivera. We were innovative in our ideas which propelled us into a journey that I can proudly say I survived and am a better businesswoman because of. This was an incredible experience in thinking about diversity and inclusion as well as real company responsibilities. Our journey through the ambiguity of the pre-seed phases made us use whatever knowledge and wit we had as a team to be successful. The gamification of bootstrapping a growing startup, while experiencing critical points in the process of gaining or loosing opportunities due to limited resources made us work smarter in our quest for, and our achievement of success! I know I have learned some valuable lessons that I know will help me grow All Source Events LLC in crisis management, negotiation, and decision-making using creativity and proper action!

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