• Billie Guinto

Real and Artificial Intel

My sincere appreciation Devang Shah for sharing different types of analytics at REC Innovation Lab with All Source Events LLC team. Descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and other operational systems allow you to investigate disciplines at a higher level. Data entered and collected makes sense of how we generate value. Visualizations, classifications, and clusters in different stages of sales along with logic helps you go further in analysis so you know what will likely happen. Every opportunity out there can be prioritized so that the risk associated with it can materialize opportunities into wins. As we continue to see the world of business use metrics and KPI (Key performance indicators) to measure your progress and budget in a quantifiable way the values expressing the business performance in a particular time frame helps to track different stages to see where it bottlenecks, and you can improve upon efficiency to understand and reflect on positive or negative outcomes. With data analytics you are talking with the facts and not with gut feelings. Experience is important but combining that with what the data tells you, that's what matters. Really sophisticated database platforms have patterns. #allsourceevents #revolutionizeevents #sandiegoeventindustry #analytics

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