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Thank you, Louis Song, and Ingram Losner, for reminding us of social belonging in entrepreneurship, and giving back to the community by speaking with All Source Events LLC and InstaRateUs teams at REC Innovation Lab under Director Tanya Hertz. It’s so important to get involved in meaningful and helpful organizations like yours and ours that allow for diverse backgrounds to be wrapped into the story of our businesses because we are passionate about life and people and our stories make up who we are in all things. We all need partners that can support us through many of the professional and personal challenges that exist when you're starting your own business. Compatibility, strengths, and weaknesses we all experience help us through the joys, and trials and tribulations of shared problems. There's an emotional component to having somebody with you, by your side, and most importantly, being almost like a third or fourth shoulder, not to cry on, but to commiserate with and to bounce ideas off and to share challenges. Your partners are different people, with different personality styles that can focus upon different areas of a business. Core value systems, and trust makes a business and business relationships rock solid. That then feeds into the kind of company that you’re building. It’s critical to choose the right partner in life and in business because there are going to be some tough times and if you have somebody that's with you, that understands everything that you're going through at a personal level, that in addition, becomes invaluable, you will see how far you can go, and that you wouldn’t be where you are, and that you couldn’t have done it all on your own!


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