• Billie Guinto

Nonprofits operate from kitchen tables

Thank you Bari Vaz for clearing up misconceptions regarding how a nonprofit is structured at REC Innovation Lab A lot of people have issues with nonprofits behaving like businesses and hold on to outdated standards and myths. Of course, some of the money should be spent on overhead costs without being shamed by the public. Nonprofits exist to provide a service to the community, and is owned by the community but it is also important that nonprofits be run like a business to turn a profit because nonprofits must make money to complete their missions. We as a community must get away from all the myths and understand that nonprofits really are a business, just a slightly different one. Nonprofits do need to start using all the concepts used in any successful business strategy. Keep going strong Trendbook, Bridge, Cloud Club Collective, Street Eatz, Radlocals, Sports Recruiting 365, Off-grid Renewable Energy Systems, & The Commons XR!! #allsourceevents #nonprofits #innovatie

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