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Non-dilutive Funding

Wow Rupak Doshi! Thank you for extending to REC Innovation Lab and All Source Events LLC team a rare opportunity to apply for funding in such a way that has not been available to start ups in the past! Omni

sync is aimed toward helping other startups apply for government grants to fund product development. Routes like Angel and Capitol Venture funding forums and equity crowdfunding platforms don't take risks on start-ups. Big government backgrounds should come in and help fund that risky stage of a start-up when you're still trying to develop a prototype and gaining traction from the marketplace. Since going public last year, you have helped 150 start-ups get past the stage that nobody else helps them through. It is a bold move to help us get non-dilutive funding off the cap table, so we don’t have to pay it back or give anything away in terms of shares or ownership rights, to include grass contracts or loans. You have also managed to offer an extension of structured, very high quality partnerships with various vendors who provide their services at a much more discounted rate than market rate, and at times also provide your exclusive product only for your customers at flat fee prices, while making sure that these partnerships only work for us startups. I'm all in!

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