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Newest ASE Team Member

Meet All Source Events LLC team member Nathalie A. Mejorado! Nathalie is from Chicago, and her family is from Basque Country in northern Spain. She is a junior at the University of San Diego School of business and is majoring in finance and business economics. In addition to being a full-time student, she works part-time as a project assistant at the Dean’s Office at Miramar College School of BTCWI, is a finance and accounting intern at Oakum Chartered, and an intern at All-Source Events. Her skills and areas of expertise include graphic design, marketing, accounting, QuickBooks, Tableau, and Microsoft Office. Nathalie’s professional goal is to become a CFO of a corporation or to create her own financial firm. Some of her hobbies include practicing contemporary dance, hiking, reading, and cooking. # #socialevents#allsourceevents#innovateeventmanagement#revolutionizeevents#sandiegoeventindustry#modernevents

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