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Media Relations-hips

All Source Events LLC and InstaRateUs Teams are taking some time to express our gratitude to Steve Quis once again for speaking to us at REC Innovation Lab under direction of Tanya Hertz and sharing your 31 years of experience in public information, anchoring, broadcasting, announcer, and more! Who better to learn about media and media relations than you? When you get down to what makes up all three levels of exposure, being able to do a lot without resources is key. Even when startups do get some investments, the last thing we’ll be able to spend the money on is marketing so media relations and getting our story out organically and not having to pay for it is huge. Thanks for the tips on how to do it! It is a long process, so we must remember that relationships are work, we’re building relationships, and that's what makes for great success in all things. Building relationships and still having them decades from now is the result of being an active participant on a business and personal level. The benefits of media relations would be that it helps to build a strong brand for your company, product, business, and you. Take care of all your people so that you can get that organic, sustainable, marketing and communications that gets your story out there to help build that strong brand awareness that then goes viral!

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