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If you are on the fence reach out for help

Thank You Shaun Spalding Assistant Director of the New Media Rights. You have been more than helpful also working with the California Western School of Law consulting teams at the REC Innovation Lab at SDMC from day one. Since you have slightly different motivations than a typical private law firm and work pro bono or for a very nominal fee your consultations help us with issues that relate specifically to what we're doing. The things that we're going to encounter, that might change as a result of partnering in business, probable administrative difficulties, and development of an MVP. Thank you for being there to consult with us and allowing us to take advantage of your not for profit! Also, for helping people like us Karen Flagg, Brennan Pearson, Karina Rivera, James Henderson, and Anastasia Ray, ATC who are trying to create knew innovative projects. #allsourceevents #sandiegoeventindustry #eventplanners #sandiegovendors #sandiegoeventserviceproviders

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