• Billie Guinto

Humble Brand

Thank you Stu Clott for your time today at REC Innovation Lab for coaching All Source Events LLC team on personalized customer experience. Our brand is more than just targeted email campaigns and advertisements it's the ability to approach and react to each customer individually throughout the customer's journey across all channels in our customers shoes. If we are always adding value, then we are branding ASE for people to always know that if they see us or our company name, they're going to always know we will give them value and that's a great experience. Scaling the personalization is the hardest part. No one really has a true answer to this, but if we are focused, then we can't do wrong tracking what is working and what is not. As we continue to do the small things, we will continue to reach out to people and ask them what value we are giving to them. Also, what value they would like to see. Learning, rather than purely finding ways to increase return on investment is the true value of insights which also tends to be evergreen. The secret to truly understanding and implementing effective personalization throughout marketing is in understanding and creating the opportunity for authentic communication, no matter how big we scale, we will continue to do this. #sandiegoevents

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