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Hey, hey, hey, were doin it right!

Thank you for your time Julie Hansen! Who knew walking and talking with Tanya Hertz across campus would lead to a workshop where you talk to our teams at REC Innovation Lab about your favorite topic, money! Learning that you taught accounting at 5+ colleges while playing real life monopoly with real money, got my attention. I don't know, that I would have known that, by your fun and bubbly personality. Thanks for the education on separating our business from our personal finances, cash flow, budgeting, also, how to track and monitor our spending. There is value in establishing our goals, so we may eventually pay ourselves. Creating a company, with varying stages involves lots of money. The most important thing is to keep files so we can start tracking answers, because one day, when we succeed and need to incorporate our own entities, as entrepreneurs we have to keep our finances separate. The best businesses are the ones that pivot, at the right time, for the right reasons. Sometimes the best businesses don't start a business to make the money, they start a business to make a difference. Thanks to my fellow REC Innovation Lab teams who support All Source Events. #marketsegmentation#managerialfinance#gottakeepumseparated

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