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  • Billie Guinto

Great Press

A million thanks, Madison Campbell for speaking to All Source Events LLC team at REC Innovation Lab about the six rules for press, how they are influenced by people with money or power, and when the press attacks, try to go high, and not use the same tactics as they do, try not to attack back, and try to be the better person, although it's very, very difficult. Press that has a very strong domain authority is what you want to cover your company or yourself. Really look at that domain authority, do a lot of quality, quality press outlets versus a lot of not so quality press outlets in terms of quantity. Reporters, and these outlets are looking for a catchy title so think of what your company or what you're doing, in that way to get the articles. Clickbait titles control the narrative. Utilize that to your advantage! Do the work for the reporter, bring them the story, so they can sell their editor very quickly, but also bring them all the research work, bring them all the pieces compiled together in a nice little package. When doing this be yourself and let that shine. You don’t have to be a different human than you are. Let that mission, let that narrative shine through. That is what gravitates your fans to what you're doing.

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