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Grants for ASE

I really appreciate CEO Rupak Doshi founder of OmniSync Inc. for assisting All Source Events NSF Project Pitch. Start-up’s through REC Innovation Lab are able to find appropriate grants. ASE involves a level of technical risk that traditional venture capitalists refuse to take on. However, the reality is you may keep 100% ownership of your company through serial grants. Green grassroots stage entrepreneurs can get to the next level through non-dilutive funding, which basically means that you don't have to give away equity in your company. The money that you are awarded almost sounds too good to be true. It takes time and effort, but what in entrepreneurship doesn’t? The value of it is unimaginable! You're basically setting yourself up for a lifetime source of money that you don't have to give away control for. These are the only funded biosphere's that makes it perfect for a start up like All Source Events. It is one more way to make it achievable. Then, should you need investment money, they too, will know what you've gone through and you will get major points for execution! Which will also skyrocket you because they actually know you can get the job done. Thank you to Director Tanya Hertz for doing anything it takes to help too. #grantsforstartups

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