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  • Billie Guinto

Good Policy

Many thanks to

Julius Alejandro, M.S. and REC Innovation Lab for having All Source Events LLC roleplay and think deeply about how to design good policy for emergency responses to public reactions when somebody at our company is inappropriate in their social or political actions. We as founders of young companies need to meet the needs of public outcry and be aware that we cannot control or predict with 100% accuracy when someone will mess up, but at the very least, we may show character. How we interpret and respond to shock factors when something critical happens is powerful because we cannot use logic against emotions. The best practice is to write it out so it will stick, and ride it out to the end, without cracking, all while staying confident in inclusion with one on one private actions, especially with key stake holders when a fire storm inevitably happens! ASE will be the next multimillion-dollar company that bridges the culture gap and models by design, a better way of handling problems, weaving good policy into the fabric of ASE. We care about things like this, we want to lead the way, and we want to be an inspiration to our peers.

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