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Find out who can help get you there

Many thanks to Christopher Peters for assisting REC Innovation Lab entrepreneurs with resource suggestions. Streamlining innovation can be challenging if you don’t know where to get resources that are the best fit for you. Whether you are curious, committed, or crushing it, make sure you have a strategic plan for how you engage these resources. You don’t need to be involved in ten different organizations if the depth of just a few meet your needs! Inspiration, Ideation, Tinkering, and Validation…lead to Incubation, Pre-Seed, and Seed… then to Angel, VC, and IPO/Equity/M&A! We got this! Cloud Club Collective,Verus Advising,Radlocals,Sports Recruiting 365,Trendbook,TekMate,Street Eatz,The Commons XR,TherACT - Move Well

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