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Engaging, Interesting, Stories about yourself

Thank you to newscaster & public information officerSteve Quisfor speaking with us atREC Innovation Lababout getting business awareness through a good press pitch. if you make it to the assignment desk of a reporter, even in just the smallest way, you can reposition yourself on social media and your website so that customers know of your legitimacy. Creating a place within your website, where people can see your stories, will help gain brand exposure. I realize that some of the best pitches are the ones you don't make, instead you feel it in your heart! Human interest stories that bring out the good even in a bad situation is key in a strategic pitch. As an entrepreneur, getting into the news cycle, you must stay in tune with top stories that you can connect with through your business. Great to see our teams there too!Cloud Club Collective,Verus Advising,Radlocals,Sports Recruiting 365,Trendbook,The Commons XR, & TherACT - Move Well#innovate#eventplanners#eventmanagement#sandiegosocialevents#sandiegopartyplanners

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