• Billie Guinto

Emotional Intelligence

Thank you, S'Marie Young, CPCC for speaking to All Source Events LLC and InstaRateUs teams at REC Innovation Lab under Director Tanya Hertz yesterday about leveraging our leadership styles. When talking with others Do you ever wonder if you were even at the same place at the same time? Well, there’s a reason for that, and to unlock some of that mystery you must pay attention to your underlying operating system. One of the leading ways to get to know yourself and have self-awareness to improve your emotional intelligence and be successful is to have intrapersonal competence and manage yourself. Having the ability to interact and understand others and where they come from has a lot to do with leadership. You don't even have to consciously change when your intentions are to be self-aware and present in the moment. Personality, integration, and the three centers of intelligence explain how we productively use each center, and how we misuse them. Each of us needs a road map that shows us how we are present in the world and how we express our gifts, and how we overuse our gifts and they become liabilities. This has to do with being able to have access to all three centers of intelligence, mind, body, and heart. That becomes how we express our full potential when dealing with all nine different types of thinking, feeling, and acting in the world.

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