• Billie Guinto


Much Appreciation to Jason Orlando fellow Miramar college graduate for speaking with All Source Events LLC team at REC Innovation Lab about consumer goods, wholesale and retail. As well as; importing, bringing containers, placing purchase orders, interacting with factories, forecasting, and production. As an operator, you know how to leverage and take on clients warehousing needs. Efficiencies, costs of shipping and receiving goods for wholesale, and dependent selling channels. Amazon and e-commerce give brick and mortar businesses control to sell directly to the customers without being reliant on the intermediary. Building up that channel where you can reach out and create sales directly, instead of relying on a wholesale account is an entire ecosystem onto itself. You can say what you want about Jeff Bezos, but he's created quite an empire, that is growing and growing using very high-level tactics to achieve volume, done step by step. There are factories out there that will produce goods for the consumer side with a markup fee a.k.a. you're purchasing from a sourcing group. Sometimes that can be beneficial, because the sourcing group would have their own network of production that they would have available to you. #innovateeventmanagement#modernevents#revolutionizeevents

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