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Diversity and Big Business

Much appreciation to michael taylor at PBS and Tanya Hertz at REC Innovation Lab for sharing with All Source Events LLC about the many diversity certifications available to us! Opportunities for diverse people who are not nearly as represented are now getting attention! If you hold a business enterprise certification, it will incentivize a large company to team up with smaller companies that hold a diversity certification, in the bidding of prime contracts. It truly is attractive to team with small businesses of diverse backgrounds because there is a scoring system that is part of the selection process that allows for us to score extra credit points. This method is in place to strengthen key personnel, knowledge, and participation by small local businesses. To bring in a diversity certified company onto a team and commit to giving them a certain percentage of the work to be had helps to solve the problem of exclusion. With this, any diverse company would get an extra edge which would potentially help them win!

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