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Community banking first!

Thank you to Dan Yates for giving REC Innovation Lab teams your views on community banks vs. big banks. The opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the Cares Act and the realities of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The difficult decisions, stress, sense-of-urgency, crisis management, and being the voice of calm and reason from a steady hand at the top, helps us make future decisions with almost no information too. Bankers were forced to become subject-matter experts overnight, in a wartime, triage-like, environment. Your perspective on some of the unethical and illegal practices you witnessed in the banking industry is eye-opening. Thank you for sharing stories of resiliency, strength, and caring. Also, explaining how smaller, community banks made it through this historic, albeit chaotic period. The silver lining is that the PPP may be one of the greatest opportunities in the history of community banking. 90% of small businesses in America needed a loan at the exact same time. Thank you Endeavor for generating the equivalent number of loans in a few weeks to the aggregate of the last 20 years! As a fellow native San Diegan and a graduate of San Diego Community College District you are still giving back! #allsourceevents#smallbusinessloans#nativesandiegan

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