• Billie Guinto

At times like this

A great many thanks to CEO Gregorio Palomino at CRE8AD8 Event & Travel Management for giving back to All Source Events LLC! Sharing the positives and your passion for helping others, you are a true giver. Your willingness to take losses, work with clients, see it as a privilege and an honor, all while helping the community, without any guarantee of profit, is what I see as stepping it up! Your team gives it their all to get things done which leaves others astonished! Thanks for taking the time to give back today. You said it best when you said “I believe that nobody is better than anybody else, we are all doing everything we can… and as long as we have support… we get behind it behind it 100%. We go back to the very beginning and we say…if we put our best foot forward, we are honest, transparent, ethical, forthcoming, and did what we said we're going to do, or even did more, we addressed the things that we couldn't do with our clients, and they acknowledge it, it justifies us so we can walk forward into any office building or company because we know that we did right by everybody else.” Thank you for putting your best foot forward in a time of uncertainty. Thank you for wanting a better future for the event planning industry!

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