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Ad Campaigns & Pre-Orders

You may be tempted to spend hundreds of hours working on your idea because you're confident about your idea, but you must test target customers to see if they will buy the product. Determining how you could build an early version to bring the vision alive may be by taking pre-orders. This may be infinitely better than sending out surveys or simply trusting your gut and going off experience. If you show your MVP to a small segment of target customers and then measure their behavior by the number of preorders you receive you can decide to pivot or persevere, but if you don't get a lot of pre-orders it might be worthwhile to spend a bit more time tweaking the design of your idea, if after a few iterations and a few tweaks you still don't get more pre-orders it might be worthwhile to pivot to another idea or different strategy or maybe even an entirely different business. The sign of a successful pivot is that you tweak it and it's more productive after the pivot. How you conduct your MVP test is how you innovate your way to success. Thank you Max Mirho for the summary of insights that I gathered from your presentation!


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