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Thank you Charlie Smith at for speaking to All Source Events LLC and InstaRate teams at REC Innovation Lab under direction of Tanya Hertz about our “Why”! That is the question for our larger mission and the reason for our company’s existence. Our core principle is to leave a positive impact on the people that we serve. Every company must take time to really investigate the “why” at a personal level, especially founders, because we are passionately linked to our businesses! However, there is still some work that can be done by our teams to really realize and really dive into “why” we are doing things the way we are. “Why” this product we choose to make, and “Why” this service that we chose to provide to the world. There are ways we are able tap into the bigger things that were providing to people. There's times we get away from looking at ourselves really critically. So, we've taken this lens you have offered us today and are asking ourselves... What are we doing to arrive at our why! Also, what is the larger goal that we are looking to achieve to be most impactful!

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