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Human Relations

Thank you! Thank you! Angela Haning, SPHR and REC Innovation Lab Diversity and potential is what drives a business forward. Principles of human relations need to be crystal clear in a screening process. That way we can make the most objective decision for our business. Federal statutes, Employment law, good practices, sound leadership, and an employee handbook that grows with our company is of the utmost importance. Knowing your employees is paramount to making sure your brand is represented in the selection process when bringing in top talent to your organization. The behaviors of what your organization does to orientate new hires is part of your brand, company, and customers. The organization should be purpose focused about why it exists, along with the values and behaviors to be expected by everyone from the founder to the newest employee. Empowerment, education, and encouragement anchors one another to follow through in the direction a business is going. There are many things that All Source Events LLC is keeping up with the world and all the innovation that's going on. We make sure to recognize and praise our team for giving their best while we promote teamwork, loyalty, and our brand in a world of immediate gratification. #allsourceevents#sandiegoeventindustry

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